Cut your closeout time in half with Bridgit Tasks

In 2015, ARCO Construction completed a total of 1,500 units. In 2016, the total number of completed units had increased by almost 50%. Despite the growth their growth in business, ARCO still prides itself on being a single-sourced project management company.

Multi-family and senior living projects, for example, are often large and complex buildings that require a variety of approvals from different stakeholders. "A couple of our senior living customers are detail orientated. You're dealing with different state agencies, state approvals, and Medicare approvals all the time," explains Kyle Darnell, ARCO's Divisional Manager of Senior Living and Multi-Family Group. For his projects, "you end up walking twice as many final inspections as you would on a commercial or retail job. With the quantity of units and number of square feet alone, it takes a team of people just to do the project closeout process."

ARCO's project managers oversee every part of the process from conception and estimating, to handing the keys over to their customer, "so there isn't another team that comes in for closeout, and there's isn't another team that comes in for submittals. It's just single-sourced project management," explains Darnell.

For these reasons, the punch list process was taking ARCO's team far too much time and effort. "While the subcontractors are wrapping up a project that they're probably a little burnt out on, the field staff may be exhausted from being onsite for 12 to 18 months. Then you realize, the punch list is dragging on for much longer than it should."

Saving time on closeout 

ARCO's team needed a solution that would streamline the punch list process and automate a lot of the tasks that were slowing them down. The company had tried many of the construction software solutions on the market, and none of them seemed to work.

"There's all these different tools out there that you see people trying and having different experiences with, and I feel we had tried them all," explains Darnell. They found themselves trying one software solution after the other to see which one worked best for their needs. "We had heard some good reviews about the Bridgit app," he says. "Instantly after using it on one project, the feedback from the field staff was: 'Yup, this is it. We've tried all these other ones. This is it.' Then it spread to two or three other projects almost immediately."

Even if your field team is on top of getting the work done, they might still need help in the documentation process. For example, much of the common frustrations on the jobsite come from failing to document completed work, or noting the timing of completion and if it was approved. This challenge is one the ARCO team can relate to. Although ARCO's site staff might have provided verbal approval, there wasn't always a physical signoff. "The documentation didn't happen as much as it should, until we started using Bridgit Tasks," says Darnell.

Increasing subcontractor engagement by 80% 

A $9.5-million senior living facility was the most recent ARCO project to use Bridgit's software. According to Darnell, they had around "80% participation on using the app in the field" from his subcontractors. "That instantly told us that the software is easy enough that a field person will use it and can use it," he says. "I can't even accurately quantify how many hours we've saved in just documenting and communicating everything out to everyone - it's the best by far."

For example, "we can expect the project closeout time for a 60,000-square-foot senior living facility to take about a month," says Darnell. Having lingering issues that drag on because no one is paying attention to them is to be expected on most jobsites. But for this project, ARCO closed out in two weeks. "Bridgit Tasks cut the time in half - plus hours and hours of time saved in documenting and communicating with the trades."

One-size-fits all isn't always the right fit ARCO prides itself on delivering single-sourced project management for its customers, but that doesn't mean they require a full-service software solution. "There are a lot of programs out there. A lot of them try to be the one-all, be-all for the construction industry which can be annoying if they don't do it correctly. You have all these different big software products that are trying to do everything. Sometimes different tools are better at different things, so you end up using two or three different software products," explains Darnell. This is something he can accept.

"It was interesting to work with a software that said: 'We're going to do punch lists and we're going to focus on being the best. We'll help set up everything, and make it easy and customizable for the project team."

Close your projects faster

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Chris Miniellyfield